Women's Blow-Out Included 1 hour Starting at $75+
Men's 45 minutes $55+
Children's (4-9 years of age) 30 minutes Starting at $35


Basic All Over Color (single process) 1 hour Starting at $75+
Root Retouch Only Single Process Coloring 50 minutes $60
Full Head Highlights or Lowlights Entails either a full head of highlights or lowlights only 1 hour 15 minutes Starting at $145+
Partial Head Highlights or Lowlights Entails either partial head of highlights or lowlights 1 hour Starting at $115+
Mini Highlight or Lowlight (5 foils or less) 30 minutes Starting at $45
Quick Glaze Post Highlights Recommended post lightening services 20 minutes $35
PM Shines All Over Glaze High gloss beautiful glaze recommended for maintenance 1 hour Starting at $85
Ombré Balayage Service 2 hours Starting at $175+
Block Coloring (2 Colors) Recommended when 2 colors are formulated on different areas of the head. 1 hour 30 minutes Starting at $135
Men's Hair Color 20 minutes $45
Full Head High & Lowlights (2 Colors) Entails double stacking foils one with a high light and another for low lights 2 hours Starting at $160+
Root Retouch & All Over Glaze Recommended when needing to touch up any out growth and any existing color 1 hour Starting at $130+
Color Corrective Priced upon consultation 3 hours Call Us
Color Corrective Consulataion 15 minutes


Premium All Over Blonde 2 hours Starting at $170+
Root Retouch 1 hour 15 minutes Starting at $135+


Ultimate Conditioning Hair Masque Blow out included 30 minutes $55
Olaplex (Additive) Highly recommended as an add on service when using lightener or high lift colors 5 minutes $35
Add-on Deep Conditioning 30 minutes $25
Kera-Triplex Deep Conditioning 45 minutes $40
Hydro-Triplex Deep Conditioning 30 minutes $40
MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment 45 minutes $45


Blowout - Style & Iron Finish 45 minutes $45
Full Formal Up Style Red Carpet Service 1 hour 15 minutes Starting at $85
Partial Formal Up Do 1 hour Starting at $65
Bridal Wedding Hair (Trial not included) Pricing available upon consultation 30 minutes Starting at $125


Hair Extensions Services Pricing available upon consultation 2 hours Call Us
Hair Extension Removal Removal of hair extensions 1.5 hours $150

Disclaimer : All prices are starting prices and are subject to change depending on length, thickness or texture of hair.